Who is…

marcheijdemanBehind “WordPress website for freelancers ” is Marc Heijdeman, originally a film and TV producer. He has worked in feature film post-production, video editing, was sales manager for programs of National Geographic and Animal Planet. He worked as General Manager at a distribution company where he led a team of graphic designers, product developers and web shop managers.

“WordPress website for freelancers ” wants to help entrepreneurs to get functional website which communicate the right story at low cost.

Most of the time he works alone, but where necessary, together with other freelancers like specialized WP programmers, WP database specialists, text-writers and photographers.

The financial threshold for a beautiful and professional website should not be too high, and the site should be able to grow along with the company.
The site must be manageable by the owner and work simple, but new functionality should be added if the company is ready for it.

“WordPress website for freelancers ” can deliver exactly what the client has in mind: a freely convertible and extend tool that business at low cost allows to maximize the potential of the web.

And who is? … Marc Heijdeman